The key is service

Working at  a college I have to always remind myself, that even though i am technician and fix things, I am doing all things for the students benefit.

My favorite part of my job is actually one-on-one helping a student…

Big Changes at Berklee

I work at Berklee College of Music.  We have some big changes coming up, new room, new synths, new gear, lots of pics and news to come.

Day 4

Today I tried to setup my Instagram presence and also Snapchat.

Interesting that I could set up Ralphykeys as a .com and on FB but Instagram and Snapchat was taken.

So I was able to get onto Instagram as  Ralphykeysmusic…


Day 3

Sometimes you just gotta keep it going.   

I am continuing to setup my website, I now have a Twitter account and of course the FB account.

Having a great time going down memory lane, you can find my complete history…

Day 2

I have launched my FB site for Ralphykeys as a work-in-progress.

So far I have some audio links, my first 2 day of blogs and the basic site setup; all subject to change any time - stay tuned.


Day 1

Hello and welcome to my new Blog

Over the coming days, weeks, months, years??????  I will be blogging about those things that are of interest to me. 

Some of those topics include:

Music, Music Business, trends in the industry