What's new and innovative?

So I am asking, not telling here.

Solomon famously said in the book of Eccleisates "There is nothing new under the sun"  this was said some 2000 plus years ago.

Is there really anything new and innovative then?  Or is…

Teaching Apple Logic Pro X at Berklee Saturday July 16

Hi All, I will be teaching 2 Classes Saturday July 16th at Berklee College of Music.

Part of the annual Music Production Workshop, which includes 3 days, starting today, of workshops and seminars on various aspects of Music Production


Learn the tool the way you learn your instrument

We (musicians) know we have to practice - this includes those of us who are "serious" about our craft (professional or aspire to be professional) or those of us who are driven to want to be better in order to…

Soundcloud Input Needed

I have a few songs on my Soundcloud page in need of some input.

I would like to invite you to come give them a listen.


Adding Value

A key component of any business is to add value.  My goal is to add value to my fans, customers and clients.

 What suggestion do you have for adding value to your customers?  What can a musician/performer do to add…

Come to my Facebook site

I have a Facebook site that is being put together in chronological order.

You can learn more about my story there.


The key is service

Working at  a college I have to always remind myself, that even though i am technician and fix things, I am doing all things for the students benefit.

My favorite part of my job is actually one-on-one helping a student…

Big Changes at Berklee

I work at Berklee College of Music.  We have some big changes coming up, new room, new synths, new gear, lots of pics and news to come.

Day 4

Today I tried to setup my Instagram presence and also Snapchat.

Interesting that I could set up Ralphykeys as a .com and on FB but Instagram and Snapchat was taken.

So I was able to get onto Instagram as  Ralphykeysmusic…


Day 3

Sometimes you just gotta keep it going.   

I am continuing to setup my website, I now have a Twitter account and of course the FB account.

Having a great time going down memory lane, you can find my complete history…

Day 2

I have launched my FB site for Ralphykeys as a work-in-progress.

So far I have some audio links, my first 2 day of blogs and the basic site setup; all subject to change any time - stay tuned.