Learn the tool the way you learn your instrument

We (musicians) know we have to practice - this includes those of us who are "serious" about our craft (professional or aspire to be professional) or those of us who are driven to want to be better in order to play "that" piece, or even just to have enough ability to have fun.  This means knowing how to play well enough that you are not even really thinking about what you are doing but having fun and enjoying the moment playing.

The same goes for the technical side of things, what I like to call "the tools".  We need to learn them, study them and practice them.  Even take lessons on how to better use them.  Hire a consultant or take a class on production.

Ralphykeys via KiProductions offers consulting and lessons in a variety of disciplines from production, to DAW and midi sequencing.  Beginner to advance. 

Coming soon a Youtube channel with some video lessons.


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