Synthesizers and The History of Gestural Control - Part 4

This week we'll look at another significant development in the world of electronics that would set the stage for all future synthesis. We will look at Lee Deforrest and his journey beginning as far back as 1908. 

Lee de Forest…


Synthesizers and The History of Gestural Control - part 3

This week we move on chronologically past the Telharmoium and The Theremin, to another synthesizer with some very unique controller that has also managed to survive the test of time. This synth has seen resurgences from time to time, but…


Synthesizers and The History of Gestural Control - part 2

Before moving forward in time past the age of the Theremin, I must move backward slightly to talk about one of the first ever synths, more like an Organ, but even an Organ is a synthesizer by definition. 

Telharmonium (1899)

Synthesizers and The History of Gestural Control - part 1


I recently completed a 3 year adventure getting a Master's Degree. My field of study was in Synthesizer Gestural Controllers. What are those, you may ask?

Come along with me on a multi-part adventure series going back to the…


I teach lesson in Synth Programming and Studio Tech

I have been the music industry for over 40 years, primarily as a keyboardist performing in bands live and in the studio, programming synthesizers and writing music. Over the last 20 years I have been recording and producing bands in…

A New Beginning


As many have seen, 2020 started with a bang for me as I started to finally release some material that had been in the pipeline for a few years.

Come check me out at Ralphykeysmusic on Instagram for daily…


What's new and innovative?

So I am asking, not telling here.

Solomon famously said in the book of Eccleisates "There is nothing new under the sun"  this was said some 2000 plus years ago.

Is there really anything new and innovative then?  Or is…

Teaching Apple Logic Pro X at Berklee Saturday July 16

Hi All, I will be teaching 2 Classes Saturday July 16th at Berklee College of Music.

Part of the annual Music Production Workshop, which includes 3 days, starting today, of workshops and seminars on various aspects of Music Production


Learn the tool the way you learn your instrument

We (musicians) know we have to practice - this includes those of us who are "serious" about our craft (professional or aspire to be professional) or those of us who are driven to want to be better in order to…

Soundcloud Input Needed

I have a few songs on my Soundcloud page in need of some input.

I would like to invite you to come give them a listen.


Adding Value

A key component of any business is to add value.  My goal is to add value to my fans, customers and clients.

 What suggestion do you have for adding value to your customers?  What can a musician/performer do to add…

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