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RalphyKeys is Keyboardist, Writer, Producer Ralph Kinscheck out of Boston Ma. 

Have a look around, sample some music and check out my blog for now as the site develops.

I am currently recording an Electronic Music Project, you can check out some of the songs and share them with your friends before it appears on my next CD.

I am currently available to play keyboards all over The New England area.  Please contact me for opportunities.
For more details see my bio. 

What's new and innovative? 

So I am asking, not telling here.

Solomon famously said in the book of Eccleisates "There is nothing new under the sun"  this was said some 2000 plus years ago.

Is there really anything new and innovative then?  Or is everything we see repackaging and rearranging the things people have seen over and over again for 1000s of years?

Again, i am asking, not telling.

What makes something new and innovative?  Sometimes I have a hard time with that.

My only guess so far is to say "it is presenting something in a way that those you are presenting to have never seen before"

This usually reinforces the theory (or sometimes verifiable fact) that music, art, fashion, etc go in cycles and that whatever is out of style now will eventually come back into vogue.

I welcome a discussion and other's thoughts on this.

Teaching Apple Logic Pro X at Berklee Saturday July 16 

Hi All, I will be teaching 2 Classes Saturday July 16th at Berklee College of Music.

Part of the annual Music Production Workshop, which includes 3 days, starting today, of workshops and seminars on various aspects of Music Production

Tomorrow at 9am I will be teaching a beginners workshop; Composing and Producing Music with Logic Pro

Then at 4pm I will be teaching a class I created entitled Hands on Advanced Logic Pro Workshop.   

I'll be teaching the later class in one of Berklee's brand new state-of-the-art music production labs.

Learn the tool the way you learn your instrument 

We (musicians) know we have to practice - this includes those of us who are "serious" about our craft (professional or aspire to be professional) or those of us who are driven to want to be better in order to play "that" piece, or even just to have enough ability to have fun.  This means knowing how to play well enough that you are not even really thinking about what you are doing but having fun and enjoying the moment playing.

The same goes for the technical side of things, what I like to call "the tools".  We need to learn them, study them and practice them.  Even take lessons on how to better use them.  Hire a consultant or take a class on production.

Ralphykeys via KiProductions offers consulting and lessons in a variety of disciplines from production, to DAW and midi sequencing.  Beginner to advance. 

Coming soon a Youtube channel with some video lessons.

Soundcloud Input Needed 

I have a few songs on my Soundcloud page in need of some input.

I would like to invite you to come give them a listen.



Adding Value 

A key component of any business is to add value.  My goal is to add value to my fans, customers and clients.

 What suggestion do you have for adding value to your customers?  What can a musician/performer do to add value?

Come to my Facebook site 

I have a Facebook site that is being put together in chronological order.

You can learn more about my story there.


The key is service 

Working at  a college I have to always remind myself, that even though i am technician and fix things, I am doing all things for the students benefit.

My favorite part of my job is actually one-on-one helping a student, faculty or other staff member figure things out; trouble-shoot an issue, learn how a 
piece of software or hardware works, or be an outside viewpoint to solve a complex problem.  Great satisfaction in seeing the look in that person's eyes
when they get, or it's solved and they can move on to being more creative.

Tech has allowed us to do even "greater things" in music and video in many ways, but we can't get bogged down in the tools and let that get in the way of the creativity.  My goal is to help minimize the distraction that technology can be when things don't work the way they should or we just don't know who to get from point a to point b.

Here is getting into the flow and staying in the flow...

Day 4 

Today I tried to setup my Instagram presence and also Snapchat.

Interesting that I could set up Ralphykeys as a .com and on FB but Instagram and Snapchat was taken.

So I was able to get onto Instagram as  Ralphykeysmusic, close but I think better than Ralphykeys1.

Please realize that Ralphykeys on Instagram, at least for now, is not me. 

Hope you lock into Ralphkeysmusic at Instagram.  

Thanks hope to see you there.

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